Last night I went out with, Katie; the new Gringa at my office, Toño; her Chilean boyfriend, and a group of his friends; who are also Chilean. I was so glad they invited me, because I’ve been wanting to see more of the nightlife of Santiago, but again, I don’t feel supper comfortable going out by myself.

The initial plan was to leave around 9:30 (which in Chilean time, really meant 11).  I had no clue where we were going but I figured I’d trust the locals. We ended up parking at a supermarket not too far from where Katie and I work (actually it’s the place most people in the office go for lunch) and then we proceeded to walk towards, what appeared to be a dress boutique.

I was a little confused, but everyone else seemed confident that we were in the right place, so I went with it.

Outside the boutique was a line of people and a bouncer with a checklist (always a promising sign). Katie walked right up to the front and said all of our names. Sure enough we were on “the list”. So we walked past the bouncer, and around the corner of the boutique to, “Candelaria“, this really trendy bar, which turns into a disco at some point during the night.

From the retro damask wallpaper, to the candelabras and chandeliers hanging from the celling, the whole atmosphere was very victorian vintage meets modern chic.

After some great conversation (a lot of me speaking in English to Katie and her translating to Spanish), and a couple Piscolas, I was ready to hit the dance floor.

Sure enough, around 1 or 2am all the tables and chairs were moved up onto the stage/lounge area or pushed out of the way and this huge dance floor opened up.

Since I have a boyfriend back home, my dancing was pretty tame and mostly contained a lot of dorky moves, such as boxing my face with my hands (it’s a classic!), but luckily my dance partner, one of Toño’s friends, was cool with that and respectfully kept some distance as he got his groove on.

Meanwhile, the rest of the dance floor was basically a mob of couples making out. I’ve noticed PDA, in general, is a lot more common here, but honestly, it probably wasn’t too different from what you’d see in a dance club in Washington D.C.


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