“Chile” Cheese Fries

Now that I’ve been an Intern at Patagonia Sur for over a month (hard to believe), the directors of the various programs affiliated with the company (aka my bosses) are finally starting to trust me enough to give me some juicy projects to work on!

While this is great news for my career as a graphic designer, it means that my blogging consistency has taken a bit of a hit, so my apologize to regular readers!

But in all the beautiful chaos, I have managed to find time to enjoy a few simple pleasures in Santiago, and one of those is the “Chile” cheese fries.

Boy do Chileans love their Papas Fritas! And they don’t just eat them with Ketchup (or Chili). They eat them slathered with cheese, onions, fried eggs and beef. On more than one occasion, I’ve seen chileans eat french fries served with an entire rib-eye steak on top and, because that wouldn’t be enough, a once-over-easy egg on top of that.

I swear I even saw one man eating fries with hamburger “tartare” and a raw egg on top (because what’s a little E.coli without a side of Salmonella?).

So maybe this Chilean dish isn’t for the faint (or artery-clogged) of heart, but it’s pretty darn delicious and it’s uniquely Chilean enough to deserve a mention in my blog.

The best fries in Chile, according most of the locals I know (maybe not the biggest sample size), can be found at a bar called Teclados (spanish for “keyboard”).


The “Cheese Teclados Amplia” (wide keyboard with cheese) consists of a layer of fries, covered by a layer of fried onions, bacon and melted cheese, covered by another layer of some kind of liquidy sour-cream, toped with ground beef and a sprinkle of herbs (so you get your vegetables!).


My co-workers and I went here for happy hour the other day, and got about three plates of this…but it’s ok! If I don’t think about the calories they don’t count!

I didn’t have a chance to take my own photos when I was there, so I grabbed these photos from an article online called “Teclados: un punto de encuentro en Vitacura” If you want to read more about the restaurant and their infamous fries you can check it our here: http://noticias.800.cl/archives/71770


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