How English Sounds to Spanish Speakers

I love reading blogs by fellow expats and I recently came across a particularly entertaining one called

I highly recommend it to anyone interested in travel blogs (ie. my blog). I could really relate to many of her experiences.

One thing that I discovered on her blog, that was just too good not to share, was her recording of a Chilean man, who doesn’t speak English,  imitating what the English language sounds like to him (in a man’s and a woman’s voice).

I was thoroughly entertained! Obviously, I can recognize what other fake languages sound like, but I just never though about what English sounds like to non-english speakers.

My two take aways:

1. English sounds much more Germanic than I realized, which makes sense. It’s a Germanic Language and Spanish is Latin-based. Of course a Spanish speaker is going to pick up on those differences.

2. We sound exactly like The Sims.

But don’t take my word for it, listen for yourselve here!


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