I Love Santiago

I don’t know if it’s this realization that I’m leaving soon, the fact that the weather has suddenly given the city a facelift or just that I’ve finally gotten over the homesickness phase of living abroad, but I’ve really fallen in love with this city!

Today after a nice coffee with one of my program advisors, followed by a spanish lesson with my amazing teacher/guru/therapist/friend, I decided to take a little walk and I stumbled upon this amazing park!

It’s a five minute walk from my office, and somehow, today is the first I’ve noticed it!

Parque Vitacura
Parque Vitacura

The park was getting set up for what looked like an outdoor concert, and all these creative seating areas were being crafted by local business as a form of advertisement.

Awesome seating set up
Awesome seating set up (those rocks are actually giant pillows!)

From there, I stumbled upon this area of the park, which was clearly made for children…but I didn’t see any around…so naturally, I climbed onto this giant bungee rope structure, which had a trampoline in the middle (Photo’s can’t capture it’s awesomeness!) and just starting jumping on it, briefcase in hand, like the five year old that I am under this 22-year-old “business professional” exterior.

Bungee Park
Bungee Park

Once I had that out of my system, I moved on to the flamingo area.

Yes, Flamingos, and no, this wasn’t a zoo, this was a public park that just happened to have a flamingo-inhabited lake!

Flamingo Pond in Parque Vitacura
Flamingo Pond in Parque Vitacura

So after getting way too excited about the flamingos and taking entirely too many pictures, I saw this restaurant that overlooked the whole park called, “Mestizo” (apparently this restaurant has a lot of hype and requires a “reservation”, but of course I had no idea at the time and just wandered in).

The food was a bit expensive but, honestly compared to every other restaurant in Vitacura, it was about what I expected.

I ordered one of the cheapest dishes, which was, surprisingly, Arroz Mar y Tierre (Rice Surf and Turf).

And it was breathtaking!

Arroz Mar y Tierra
I didn’t take this one and mine had different herbs on top, but you get the idea…my cellphone/camera always seems to die right around the time I’m eating something deliciously beautiful.

In the typical pomaire clay dish, was this gorgeous display of stir-fried rice and noodles with the most tender pieces of filet mignon, chicken, scallops and shrimp, mixed with mushrooms, onions bean sprouts a rainbow of chopped peppers. The dish was toped with all these leafy green herbs, one of which, I believe, was mint. It sounds odd, but it perfectly complimented and brought out all the other flavors in the dish.

It was a perfect moment…until the check came.

$6 for water? Are you kidding me? I didn’t even get the fancy sparkling kind! I just wanted tap water! The water was almost as expensive as the meal! The Pisco sour was only a dollar more! Who sells water for the price of liquor?

Ok sorry. Mini-rant.

So there are still a few things I miss about The States, one being you can have as much free water as you want at a restaurant, but Santiago is definitely growing on me.


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