6 Ways to be Happier

I have always been fascinated with the study of happiness. It’s one of those topics that you can study from a biological, philosophical, psychological, anthropological, or theological point of view and maybe the overlap of all of those schools of thought is necessary to really understand it. It may be that it’s just too elusive … More 6 Ways to be Happier

Inspired Marketing

I recently watched a Ted Talks video featuring Simon Sinek, an Anthropologist turned marketing genius (the two things really go hand in hand don’t they). In his talk, “How great leaders inspire action”, he illustrates why companies like Apple are so much  more innovative in their approach to marketing than any other company. The secret? … More Inspired Marketing

A monster a day….keeps the creative slumps at bay

I recently read an article from smashingmagazine.com, which encouraged designers to actually design something everyday (what a concept!). It seems simple enough, except that without a given project or an idea already in mind, it can be daunting to come up with a design idea every single day and actually find the time to carry … More A monster a day….keeps the creative slumps at bay